Thematic scope

The exhibition comprehensively presents each stage and part of the manufacturing process of sheet metal.

Sheet metal working machines and technologies

Sheet metal joining machines and devices

  • stamping
  • cutting and banking
  • straightening, bending and coiling
  • pulling
  • drawing, re-drawing and fullering
  • spinning
  • roll forming
  • special, unusual processes (methods) of sheet metal working
  • tools and equipment for machine tools, machines and facilities for forming sheet metal products
  • flexible systems for the stamping, cutting and bending of sheet metal
  • technologies and facilities for cleaning and working of sheet metal surfaces and products
  • protective coating (including anti-corrosion)
  • decorative and decorative-protective coating
  • engineering coating functional
  • cleaning and preliminary machining of surfaces before coating
  • coating technologies
  • controlling the efficiency and durability of coating technologies
  • testing the environmental impact on corrosion processes and selection of protection means

Sheet metal coating machines and technologies

Offer of sheet metal and sheet metal product manufacturers and distributors

  • welding
  • pressure welding
  • gluing
  • soldering
  • riveting
  • screw connections
  • cold redrawing
  • sheet metal fixing
  • controlling the quality of connections
  • steel metal sheets
  • non-ferrous metal sheets
  • metalic and organic coated matel sheets
  • perforated metal sheets
  • sandwich metal sheets
  • section, profiles and tubes made of metal sheets
  • products and semi-products made of metal sheets